Friday, November 27, 2015

Go! Athletics

Let's go yellow let's go,

Hello and welcome to my blog,
It was athletics yesterday and I was in yellow I'll show you.Anyways it was hot and cool we got to do water relay's and high jumps and hurdles.The most exciting one was water relay's because you get to get wet and it's fun.

If you want a athletics day ask your teacher mum and dad.


  1. Hi Zaria

    Sounds like an action-packed day! Could you explain what you mean by a 'hot and cool' day? Was it cool as in 'fun' or cool as in 'cold'? Thank you for sharing your learning Zaria.

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    1. Hi Dorina just giving you a quick tip remember names start with a capital letter and also the start the sentence is with a capital letter but thanks though i appreciate it.