Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My First Digital Badge!!

Hello bloggers,

So I know you have heard about the digital badge you might of heard from my friend Joseph Chavez who is the first person to have a digital bade.One of the short cuts that I know is Ctrl L for locking your screen, that shortcut is my favorite.

This is a list of shortcuts that I know 

  • Ctrl T = Opens a new tab
  • Ctrl Shift T=Re Opens the deleted tab before
  • Ctrl C = Copy
  • Ctrl Shift V = Paste
I think you should know these shortcuts first because these are the main ones you'll sometimes need to know the history shortcut witch is Ctrl H = History .I am kind of a slow typing but I can be a leader,I know when I am a leader is when I am respectful and kind also resilient. 

That is all I hope you enjoyed and hope you get your badge.

Blog you later
From Zaria


  1. Hi Zaraia,
    my name is Eloise and I want to tell you how awesome this post is! It helped me do things alot faster!
    Thanks Eloise

  2. Hi Eloise,
    I just want to tell you that is not how spell my name this is how you spell it 'Zaria' but it's alright thank you for telling me this because that shows me that I can do good quality blogging.

    I hope I see your blog thank you for commenting

    Yours Sincerely

  3. Hi my name is Rico I go to papakura central school . I like your post and it helped me with some shortcuts on my Chromebook . Here is my blog if you want to check it out .

  4. Kiaora - my name is Shyann I go to Kaniere School and I like your chrome book Naja.