Monday, December 11, 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Hey there bloggers,

Today I am doing a activity that is called the summer learning journey this is so fun you can do the practice activities now witch is on their site you can do this on your holiday instead of watching boring T.V . Every activity you do you earn points and if you get the most points you get a 3rd 2nd 1st hamper.

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P.S this is there link to the  Summer Learning Journey site


Friday, November 3, 2017

Book review

Hey there bloggers,

Yesterday I started a new book called Hatchet it is a really good book to start for the new term. I think when I finish this book I would like to watch the movie. I think this book is for year six's because there are some powerful words like brassrevited, bushplane, and altitude. I think at the end when I finish the book I would rate it 5 out of 5, even if I didn't finish the book.

Thanks for listening to me I hope you enjoyed and maybe you should read the book.

-Zaria M.P

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cyber Smart Time

Hey there bloggers,

 Today we had  cyber smart and it was about copyright it was about the five main parts. We had to read about a true story  how  this woman took a picture from google and then she had to pay $7,500. This is a task that we had to do this is the link

So this is my blog post I hope you have enjoyed it if it doesn't make sense for my task please comment below

- Zaria

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cyber smart time !

Hey there bloggers,

Today it was the first cyber smart lesson of term four. This term we are focusing on how to be smart learners today we had to deal with a scenario and this was it "People in your class have been have swapping passwords and signing in to other people’s accounts and sending nasty emails to each other. It seemed funny at first but now some people are getting upset. Your best friend asks you what your password is... What do you do?
What are the risks of sharing your password with other people?". Then we had to do a video and this is mine,

So then we had to make our own scenario my one is about people getting pop ups on our chromebook
If you know what to do please leave a comment in the comment box thank you.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017


To all bloggers and commentators,

On Tuesday the senior syndicate from my school went to the zoo.We were of with the bus to the amazing Auckland zoo. When we were there we got to see Native birds from New Zealand, which is our home.There was a Kea and even a blue duck called the Whioo it is famous for being on the ten dollar note, if you are wondering why the duck is called Whioo it is because it makes the sound
W-h-i-o-o like whistling.The Whioo's feathers are dark blue and a little grey. Then we got to see a Tuotara, the instructor said that some people think that the Tuotara is fake because it stays stealand kind of has a eye competition with you. I got to touch eggs (I think it was fake) the eggs that I were touching was rubbery and smooth kind of.It was so amazing to see animals even the giraffes and the flamingos, and even RHINO. It was so amazing when we saw the red panda. It was lying in the tree so cute is that you would want to stand there and spam (or keep taking pictures) on your phone so that it is filled with cute photo's. Then we got to see red bottomed baboons, around the area it smelled horrible but I just had to hold it in because we had  to behave for the STRANGERS around us. The red bottomed baboons reminded me of Ceaser from "The planet of the apes" because the little one started to start yelling and getting roudy cause of the big crowd and because we are human just joking these types of monkeys or ape are well behaved cause of the instructors.

Well by the looks of it I think I have finished telling you my adventure. I hope you enjoyed please leave me a comment that will be helpful. If you can comment me your blog address I will comment on your blog.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

CAMP 2017

On Wednesday it was the day that we leave for camp the first thing that we had to do was to check that we had everything with us so that if  we need something it will be there.Then we we had to say our goodbyes and fill up the bus with our luggage so that we could go.Once we got there we first met our instructors and then we did gardening. When we  were learning how to garden the place we were near the waves when they were coming up we were scared because we were to close. Gardening  was so fun for me but then it had to come to an end so what we did next was team building.At the start of team building we met some more instructors who were not there at the Arrivals and Introductions. The first station for team building was ¨The Six Mats¨ it was the most challenging game, so what we had to do was that we had to balance on each other but not everyone had a mat  there were nine people in our team so we had to piggyback some people and hold for five seconds here is a picture

Please comment below and give me a positive and thoughtful comment because that will really help me.

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Friday, May 26, 2017


W.A.L.T : Know how  to skateboard

Hello blogging world,

If you did not know but now the senior syndicate at my school for P.E now does skateboarding.We were so excited for the first lesson,at the first lesson we were taught how to put on the gear also how to push.
our instructors are called Michaela and Aiden also Martin.

Here is a link to my google drawing about skateboarding I had fun making this drawing if you have any feedback please comment that would help me.

This is the LINK

Yours sincerely

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My First Digital Badge!!

Hello bloggers,

So I know you have heard about the digital badge you might of heard from my friend Joseph Chavez who is the first person to have a digital bade.One of the short cuts that I know is Ctrl L for locking your screen, that shortcut is my favorite.

This is a list of shortcuts that I know 

  • Ctrl T = Opens a new tab
  • Ctrl Shift T=Re Opens the deleted tab before
  • Ctrl C = Copy
  • Ctrl Shift V = Paste
I think you should know these shortcuts first because these are the main ones you'll sometimes need to know the history shortcut witch is Ctrl H = History .I am kind of a slow typing but I can be a leader,I know when I am a leader is when I am respectful and kind also resilient. 

That is all I hope you enjoyed and hope you get your badge.

Blog you later
From Zaria