Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My First Digital Badge!!

Hello bloggers,

So I know you have heard about the digital badge you might of heard from my friend Joseph Chavez who is the first person to have a digital bade.One of the short cuts that I know is Ctrl L for locking your screen, that shortcut is my favorite.

This is a list of shortcuts that I know 

  • Ctrl T = Opens a new tab
  • Ctrl Shift T=Re Opens the deleted tab before
  • Ctrl C = Copy
  • Ctrl Shift V = Paste
I think you should know these shortcuts first because these are the main ones you'll sometimes need to know the history shortcut witch is Ctrl H = History .I am kind of a slow typing but I can be a leader,I know when I am a leader is when I am respectful and kind also resilient. 

That is all I hope you enjoyed and hope you get your badge.

Blog you later
From Zaria